Writing this blog made me realize how quickly time flies. It is as if it were yesterday that I was starting my amal journey and making my account on medium, preparing to write my very first blog, to today, doing my last PW.

I expected that in my last session of this beautiful journey, I would be a crying mess. After enjoying such a memorable 3 months together, it was really hard to grasp the fact that this is where it ends. But I forgot about the fact that Amal ensures that no part is left unattended. The design of…

This blog is definitely different from other blogs written by me. Our interests sometimes get pushed back by some other urgent tasks with deadlines. This is because we make our interests so flexible and never set a deadline for it! This week was all about researching the top things which I would like to learn more about after graduating from Amal. The list had many topics such as freelancing, PLC, PLCNEXT, IIOT, industry 4.0, MS excel, C language, industrial controllers etc. After refining my list, I came to the conclusion that in order to start my career or explore technical…

NEDUET orientation 2017

This picture was taken 4 years back. It was october of 2017, when I attended the orientation of NEDUET. A young me, scared of what being an engineer entails, scared of the environment, unsure if I would make it through.. Inshort a complete package of doubts, insecurities and lack of confidence. But now looking back to that day, I can’t help but smile. I did it, I made it through these 4 years and met with exceptional people, made many memories and learnt a lot.

This situation is a mirror of my start and end of fellowship. Not a young…

“Every new beginning comes from another beginning’s end” — SENECA

Reflection is one of the most vital parts of a growth mindset. We must reflect back to see what we have earned, what we have gained. Now that I have reached my end of this beautiful and thrilling journey of amal fellowship, I must say that I am a bit emotional, a bit sad to leave all of this. …

PROCRASTINATION is a verb we are all very familiar with. To some it may be a simple obstacle between them and completion of work and to some it might be a gigantic wall between them and completing work before the deadline. Well, I belong to the latter. I always find an excuse to delay the task at hand. The gratification monkey of my mind always encourages me to take long long breaks after doing easiest tasks.

But this gratification monkey was kicked out of my mind by the rational decision maker in me by opting the pomodoro technique. Pomodoro is…

Hello! In this blog I would share a rising issue in Karachi.

PROBLEM STATEMENT: Everyone deserves fulfillment of their basic necessities. Clean, drinking water is one of the main requirements of life. Unfortunately, many people do not have access to it. In the slums of Karachi, people are deprived of water, their basic need.

BACKGROUND: Karachi is the city of lights, a city full of business and entrepreneurial ventures, yet it still faces trivial problems such as water shortage. The priviliged ones can easily order a water tank to fulfil their necessities but the poor portion of our society can…


This blog is my reflection on “THE AMAL TOTKAY”. Now, what are the amal tokay? they are some concrete and basic growth mindset building tips from the #AmalAcademy.

A growth mindset is a mind which always searches for areas of improvement and is always learning to become better and avails opportunities. In order to succeed, having a growth mindset is really necessary, whether that success is in job or in business startup. A growth mindset promotes creativity and innovation.

There are 5 main tips to adopt a growth mindset.

  1. Self talk: We are what we believe we are. Our…

Hello there!

This blog is about one of my personal goal. My personal goal is to “start an online educational service”. But have not been able to work on it due to university workload etc. This week I am grateful to #AmalAcademy for adding this as a project work.

So, in this project work we, the amal fellows, are supposed to take a goal (personal or professional), convert them into smart goal and just start working on it. The Smart goal statement is,

“To start a free online educational service using youtube within this month i.e. April 2021 and upload…

Hello everyone!

Recently I have learned a really good concept of leadership without authority. It basically means to take responsibility without waiting for someone to give you any authority and work on any area that you think needs improvement.

One of the greatest and impactful quote I have read in my life was during learning this concept of leadership wothout confidence. It stated that,


This made me…

Maheen Ahmed

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